Lords Mobile In-App Purchases: Splurge Or Not To Splurge?

In a world where mobile gaming has become ever so popular, there is a huge decision when it comes to choosing to make in-app purchases or not. While for some gamers, IAP’s are a big NO-NO, there are a number of games that require a few purchases in order to move forward.

Lords Mobile is one such game that offers so much to its players and includes a number in-app purchases that take one from one level to the next. But is it really worth it? Let's find out whether spending money on IAP’s for Lords Mobile is really worth it or not.

Watch What You Do

Most of the strategy games available today come with a number of restrictions that carry pros and cons for its gameplay. Lords Mobile, on the other hand, delivers so much more. It actually lets you watch the battles take place right before your eyes. This is one of the biggest advantages the game holds against its competition and is a major reason for gamers investing in it.

Offering A Lot

Lords Mobile is a mix of a number of games that offers a little from some bestseller games such as Mobile Strike. The game is multi-layered and provides a plenty of various quests for users to participate in. The biggest speed breaker in the game is the wait timers that come with it.

These timers are a major hindrance for players that enjoy the experience on a regular basis, but requires spending hard cash or tokens that help in speeding up the process. It also helps to take part in cooperation events or Guilds that increase the playing time. Even though the battles that take place are not controlled directly, they take place in a 3D environment that makes it exceptionally unique.

Gems Galore

Lords Mobile is heavily based around purchases, especially for skipping wait timers. But these investments require gems - and lots of it. Whether upgrading your army, skipping timers, or buying weapons, gems are the only way to do so. All the in-app purchases for the game start at $1.99 and reach $99.99 for 280 and 22,000 gems respectively.

Finding these prices are quite difficult and require a lot of scrolling because the shop is filled with various one-time offers. While game interrupting pop-up offers are seldom, they do bring some intriguing purchasing offers. One such pop-up is a $4.99 offer that provides players with 2,000 gems, which as you can tell, is an exceptional offer.

There are a number of resources that come along with this offer, but need to be bought fast. Another deal comes around every 30 days and features 10,500 gems, a lot of resources, and more than a handful of Speed-Up Tokens.

Getting Ahead

Like most games online, Lords Mobile starts off rather simplistically. Players get through the initial levels with ease. By getting currency of 200 for playing the game and 400 to join a Guild, users can quickly upgrade and race through the first few stages.

After that, there is a significant decrease in game speed which then incorporates the IAP’s. For getting through levels quicker, players are forced to spend money or just wait it out. There are surprise gifts that are rewarded in the form of Mystery Boxes, but they don't carry the kind of resources that are required for a major upgrade.

The Final Verdict

Given all the pros and cons that come with Lords Mobile, the ultimate question here is whether one should invest in IAP’s or progress the good old fashioned way - by waiting. Many players would choose the latter option, as spending money on games just doesn't make sense, but there are a number of reasons to go the other way as well.

For starters, the purchases are relatively affordable as compared to other such games. Another positive for making in-app purchases is the fact that the game provides valuable bundle offers that give players the opportunity to spend less and get more.

These offers might be rare, but are definitely worth the wait. But one of the biggest reasons for making in-app purchases on Lords Mobile is the fact that you can upgrade your army, buy weapons, and race through the levels quicker.

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