Grow Empire: Rome - Is There Any Depth?

There is something about tower defence games that attract millions of players to its repetitive and often, mundane gameplay. Yes, there is a handful that brings more to the table than others, but how much more really? Grow Empire: Rome is one of the newest episodes in tower defence gaming, but does it offer anything different?

Same Concept, Different Look

Whether you're defending yourself from animals, humans, or zombies, the concept of tower defence is basically the same - keep them out. Grow Empire: Rome puts you up against barbarians that attack your tower wave after wave. Your mission is to stop them with the help of your peasant-turned-soldier army.

You can send waves of your own, release arrows, or just throw some massive boulders at the oncoming enemy. The more you kill, the more you earn. This also helps you save some cash while upgrading your army for a more efficient battle. The gameplay goes as follows: cavalry defeats swords, swords defeat spears, and spears defeat cavalry. Weirdly, the regular legionaries are extremely powerful and are a better option for intense battles.

Grow Empire: Rome is anything but expansive. The game is annoyingly small and can be completed within a day or two (if you're taking breaks). There is no empire building, no army expanding gameplay here. Play it while enjoying a large pizza, and you could find yourself completing it before your 3rd slice.

All you have to do is capture towns and upgrade your army to help you fight off stronger enemies. That's it. Keep doing the same thing till you conquer every town in the map and you're done. Sadly, the computer doesn't even try to recapture the defeated towns in order to initiate battles. This makes the game even shorter.

A Wait Game

Once you've upgraded your troops and captured a few towns, the game becomes nothing more than a wait game as your reinforcement button recharges. Also, your beloved archers take time between reloads, and you're left with nothing more than counting down the seconds before you release them again.

So, with everything on the plate, and all that Grow Empire: Rome has to offer, the biggest question is: "is it worth playing?" In honesty, yes. Looking past the repetitive gameplay and insanely limited depth, the game does offer a lot of plus points.

One positive is the fact that it is absolutely free. Yes, most games available today are free, but Grow Empire: Rome is actually fun - once you accept the fact that it might finish before you finish watching an episode of Riverdale. Then there's the relatively impressive graphics, sounds, and spellings.

Unlike most lightweight games, Grow Empire: Rome delivers a clean and accurate interface. But, there are some negatives as well. An unending supply of interrupting ads is just one of them. When a developer makes a game free, you can always expect ads - but this game really takes advantage of that.

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of tower defence games, or have some time to kill on the bus, this is the game for you. All-in-all, Grow Empire: Rome is surely a game worth downloading, playing, completing, and eventually deleting - all in the same day. 

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